Have a question about Home Staging with Staging Spaces and Design? The answer could very well be here!

Why Stage?

Because you want to SELL! Stage homes sell faster for more money – quote? Not every buyer is a visionary – most need help feeling comfortable in a property for sale. A good stager can stage a property and appeal to the masses while also accounting for demographics of likely candidates who will purchase.

Does Staging really matter in this market?

Staging matters in every market. A home that is staged and priced in market will sell quicker than any of its competition.

How long does Home Staging take?

One visit to plan and one visit to stage.

Is Home Staging expensive?

Staging prices vary depending on the current condition of your home.

There is always a best case scenario where the budget is flexible enough to accommodate all of our suggestions, however, we know this is not always the case. Staging Spaces and Design will prioritize what needs the most attention and go from there.

Remember, some staging is better than no staging. Staging the most important areas first is critical. We work in any budget and always utilize what you own first before recommending any purchases.

When is the best time to stage my home?

The best time to stage your home is a day or two before your realtor is scheduled to take your MLS Listing photos.

Does Staging include cleaning?

No. Your house will need to be cleaned prior to stage day.

I am missing furniture in some key rooms – do you rent furniture?

Staging Spaces and Design works with a variety of furniture rental companies to accommodate vacant homes and homes that are partially furnished. It is not important to furnish all rooms – just the important ones.

When is payment due?

A 50% deposit is required to hold your stage day. The remaining balance is due on stage day.

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