How To Stage A HouseWant to know how to stage a house and still keep within budget? It is possible to give every home you stage a unique, attractive look without investing in new furniture and décor every single time.

Staging Spaces & Design has worked with the Toll Brothers for the past year and a half, helping the company sell houses quicker with our home staging services. Their most recent project is the Reserve at Holmdel, a new community boasting luxury estate homes, each on their own acre of land surrounded by natural beauty.

Such a beautiful exterior deserves to be reflected by an equally attractive interior. Since this new community is a quick delivery homesite (meaning that the homes are built and ready for a quick move instead of the typical 7-9 month build process,) the Toll Brothers team wanted to get families into their brand new homes quickly. The best way to do this was with home staging.

When the first home was ready, we took a look at the space to get an idea of what style would look the most attractive. We then went out and purchased the furniture, accessories, and décor needed to achieve that look.

Once that home is sold, we pack up the furniture and keep it in storage. This gives the construction team plenty of time to complete the next house for us, at which point we reuse the previously purchased furniture to stage the brand new house.

As the layout and size of each house changes, we adjust the look of every room accordingly. By owning a wide variety of items in all shapes and sizes, we can come up with a completely unique look for every house in this community, without spending a fortune renting furniture from third parties every time we are needed to stage a house.

Take a look at these photographs from one of the houses located in the Reserve at Holmdel. For this particular project, we even helped customize window treatments for some of the rooms, in addition to staging the entire first floor and master suite.

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How To Stage A House