Spec Home StagingOver the past few years, Staging Spaces & Design has begun decorating spec homes (also known as Quick Delivery Homes or QDH’s.)

While we love working with current homeowners to make their houses look beautiful, there’s something about decorating spec homes that really intrigues us. We think it has something to do with the way our decorations help draw prospective home buyers towards the house they’re meant to purchase.

Let’s face it: fully-decorated model homes draw us in like a drug. Every square inch is designed to appeal to everyone’s deepest desire. We want our work to make people think, “With a kitchen like this, I’ll cook homemade meals every night!” or, “Can you imagine the Sunday afternoon football parties with a finished basement like this?” or even, “I’ll be so organized in an office like this; it’ll be great to finally work from home and be productive!”

It’s a known fact that people are more likely to purchase a house when their emotions are involved. Most builders’ spec homes are empty except for a couple of random additions, like a raised basement ceiling or millwork here and there. What they lack is the emotional draw that the model home can offer.

Staging Spaces & Design found a niche in decorating spec homes. We don’t decorate spec homes the way we would a model home, but we add enough of the right touches to make a connection with the buyer. We always purchase the furniture we use, which means each piece can be moved to different spec homes once the previous one sells. It’s a truly economical way to move homes quickly off the market.

Best yet, we only need a week to 10 days for this type of staging. We work on every budget, we know what rooms are the most important to stage, and we are up-to-date on the latest decorating trends.

The nation’s largest builders use us for spec home staging services, and we are thrilled to help them in the selling process!

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Spec Home Staging Photos