New Traditional StyleEveryone has that one decoration in their home that they refuse to part with. Despite changing trends and your personal style changes, that piece must always be incorporated.

A couple in Doylestown came to Staging Spaces and Design with this very situation: they were ready to upgrade their living room furnishings while still incorporating a traditional Oriental rug into the mix. They also struggled with how to lay the room out.

Combining The Old With The New

The goal for this room was to keep a traditional feel throughout while still updating the general style of the design. The look we settled on is known as “New Traditional style”, and is the best way to mix classic and contemporary.

We brought in a set of brand new, very comfy swivel chairs with geometric print, and carried over the fun print scheme onto accent pillows for a neutral-toned couch. We also used traditional styles with updated prints on the new window treatments.

By strategically arranging the furniture around a plush ottoman, the whole room kept a very intimate feel to it, especially with that warm fireplace going!

Setting The Tone

Neutral tones were vital in maintaining the look of the room. Despite the pops of patterns in the room, keeping an overall neutral color scheme allowed for us to tie the room into the area rug with accents. Pops of navy and pale blue dispersed throughout the room were an inspiration from the area rug.

On installation day, we brought along some new accessories for the room, and even rearranged the bookshelves with items in the same shades of blue.

The focus that Staging Spaces and Design pays to these key finishing touches are what really set us apart from the rest. We know that these important details are what ultimately complete the look of the room!

Do you need help figuring out how to incorporate that antique family heirloom into a contemporary home design? Contact Staging Spaces and Design today!


New Traditional Style Living Room Photos