Staging Spaces and Design decorated this wine room in Limerick, PA.We loved completing this interior decorating project in Limerick! The homeowners had a very specific color palette that they wanted to extend throughout the entire home and Staging Spaces and Design had the perfect ideas in mind to make this customer’s dream home a reality!

The contrast between the whites and neutral tones of the walls and furniture with pops of bright colors and dark wooden accent pieces really brought each room together.

The whole home now has a classic-contemporary feel throughout. The highlight of this project, however, was the formal living room

Nowadays, many homeowners struggle to find uses for a formal living room. We came up with a terrific alternative, and transformed the space into a wine room!

By adding conversation chairs around a small table and incorporating a wine buffet, the room took on a whole new, welcoming feel, perfect for entertaining guests!

It’s hard to believe that this entire project was completed in eight weeks! Typically, custom furniture and window treatments can take as long as 8-12 weeks for delivery. However, Staging Spaces and Design was able to have custom window treatments done in a mere six weeks, and completed the rest of the design in an impressively short time span.

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Limerick Interior Decorating Photos