Partner decorating project for a family room in Jamison, PA.Familiar with Partner Decorating? At Staging Spaces and Design, we understand the desire to have a hand in updating the look in your home while still getting a professional opinion and staying within budget.

That’s why we came up with this great service: let us help walk you through the decorating process, and you do the rest!

A long-time existing client of ours used this service, loved it, and recommended it to a friend. The new client needed a bit of first floor interior decorating advice for her home in Jamison.

The structure of her house was very open, and she wanted each room to flow into the other to give the first floor a feeling of continuity.

We sat down with the client to discuss the colors, style, and price points that she had in mind. Together, we drew up several blueprints, complete with sample images of furniture for each room.

Now, the client has the proper space planning, paint palette, scale, and color scheme to complete the project on her own time. Our clients love the satisfaction of completing an interior decorating project on their own, and we love being there to assist them when needed!

Do you need some guidance on a DIY interior decorating project? Contact Staging Spaces & Design today for a free quote!

Jamison Interior Decorating Photos