Ambler Bedroom Decorating by Staging Spaces and Design.There is nothing more flattering than having a customer return for another project.

This project was especially meaningful to us: it was the client’s third time coming to Staging Spaces and Design, and this time it was for her with her Ambler bedroom!

A mother of two small children wanted to transform her room into a relaxing retreat for herself to enjoy after a long day. Before our team stepped in, the room was a completely blank slate, so we had to start entirely from scratch.

The walls were given a new coat of paint, and we added wallpaper with natural hues as an accent wall to match the theme of the room.

We also purchased brand new furnishings and upholstery in shades of soft blue for pops of color that wouldn’t disrupt the tranquility of the space.

The client set a max budget of $10,000, and we made sure to stay well within that while still making this room a calming oasis for a busy mom to unwind in!

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Ambler Bedroom Design Photos