Avalon Interior Decorating by Staging Spaces and Design

You know how the saying goes, “If you’re lucky enough to have a house by the beach, you’re lucky enough.”

But a house doesn’t feel like a home by itself – you still need to furnish it. When you purchase a beach house, the first magazine you’re most likely to open for inspiration is Coastal Living.

Key Beach House Considerations

Unfortunately, that’s when you realize the “lucky enough” part of the saying. That “Pottery Barn meets Nantucket” look can be expensive and let’s face it, we’re less inclined to spend money on a house that’s used only three months out of the year.

The sofa will surely see its fair share of accidental sunscreen sprays despite how many times you tell the kids to apply outside. The carpet will certainly be underfoot to many sandy toes and bare feet that strolled Dune Drive all day without shoes. The chairs will almost definitely be sat on by “I thought my bathing suit was dry” wet bathing suits.

Where The Living Is Easy…

The beach house is the epitome of easy living. There is no room for being stuffy and fussy. Beach house decorating should reflect this laid back lifestyle.  The décor should be welcoming yet durable and forgiving. The living room in this Avalon house has fabrics that can withstand the occasional summer accident. The coffee table will still look the same after countless Monopoly battles and spilled drinks. The area rug is wool (durable) and very inexpensive.

We achieved that Coastal Living look but for a fraction of the cost – this room was completed for under $5,000!

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