It’s no secret that we all buy based on emotion. Whether buying clothes or homes, the majority of us are unable to separate “how this purchase will make us feel” from “is this the right thing to purchase”? As much as we want to deny it, we buy a lifestyle.

“When I live here, my life will be so much more organized.”

“When I live here, I will make gourmet meals for my family every night.”

“When I live here, I will spend the summer nights bonding with the kids in this huge yard.”

Just as properties can trigger positive emotional thoughts that make us want to buy, they can also stir up negative feelings as well.

“This place is so disorganized. There must not be enough storage for all this stuff.”

“This dated kitchen would make me want to order out.”

“This yard is a mess. I can’t imagine spending much time out here.”

Staging Spaces & Design has been assisting Realtors and homeowners with home staging since 2005. We’ve been in the sellers markets and the buyers markets, and one thing remains constant:

People buy based on how the property makes them feel.

Professional staging can make a dated kitchen look quaint or a transform a disorganized room to something right out of a Martha Stewart catalog. We distract from the negative and accentuate the positive – all to make the buyers feel attracted to the property.

Here is an example of a project we recently completed:


Untitled design (2)

This fireplace is gorgeous yet overpowers the room without the right accents. We accentuated the positive here by giving the room a warmer, cozier feel.


Clutter - before and after

This area of the room was simply cluttered and could give the buyer the feeling that the house wasn’t big enough to store children’s toys or completely turn off a single, young professional with no kids. The newly designed area appeals to a broader audience – kids or no kids.


Basement - before and after

This “before” basement may have given a prospective buyer the feeling that this room would have been the last place to gather and entertain with a group of friends.

The newly designed area (a few pieces of furniture plus new paint), gives the prospective buyer a feeling that they have even more space to entertain – maybe watch a game with the guys while the girls hang out upstairs?

How do you think your house makes prospective buyers feel?

If you want the edge up on the market, make an appointment with Staging Spaces & Design. A one hour consultation is only $150. We work with Realtors, too, to provide a value-added service to customers.

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