So, you love the look but your budget won’t allow you to treat yourself to full service interior decorating?

If you have time and don’t mind getting involved in the decorating process, Partner Decorating is a perfect alternative for you. It is different than Custom Decorating in that everything is ready-made. Everything we present to you in Partner Decorating can be purchased by you on your own time from the Internet, furniture stores, and catalogs.

Sample decorating project from Staging Spaces and DesignIt’s very simple:

1. Contact Staging Spaces & Design to set up a consultation. We will meet you at your home and gather information on the space you would like transformed. We will go over budget, timing, style, how you envision using the space, personal preferences, etc. We will go over ideas and get enough information to create a creative solution specific to your needs and wants.

2. In around two weeks, we will email you and present our ideas to you. We will have a decorating blueprint which can include a furniture layout, professional design board, furniture selections, flooring, artwork, paint colors, fabric samples, and much more. You will have everything you need to complete your design process at your own pace.

Sample Floor Plan3. With information in-hand, you are empowered to implement the plan on your own schedule and watch your vision come to life.

Partner Decorating is priced at $895 per room and $375 for smaller rooms. Our clients love this alternative. They receive a professional design layout, all of the suggested accessories to complete the look, and all for an affordable one-stop design price.

With Partner Decorating, you have a plan. Maybe you don’t want to purchase everything right away – now you have a goal. That’s what clients like. It’s a perfect plan that they can choose to complete right away or chip away at over multiple months.

With any design process, it’s all in the senses – feeling and seeing how patterns, textures, shapes and colors come together to transform a space. Partner Decorating does just this.

Schedule your Partner Decorating consultation today!