People underestimate the impact window treatments can have on a room – they really set the mood.

Staging Spaces and Design brings you the latest in fabrics and trends. There are ways to mix and match fabrics and trim so that you never get tired of a treatment – and so that it stays in style for a very long time.

Window décor is an investment and not one that you want to change every few years when you decide to purchase new accent pillows or an area rug. The correct window treatment will lend its colors and style to a variety of changes in the room.

Custom Or Off The Shelf?

Custom or off-the-shelf treatments? This is always the big question, but the answer is simple – custom.

Staging Spaces has yet to find an off-the-shelf window treatment that:

  • Looks completely custom.
  • Looks as good as custom.
  • Stands the test of time.

While custom treatments are more expensive, Staging Spaces has ideas that can cut costs significantly without settling for a lesser product.

Custom Window Treatment Ideas

Below are select Custom Window Treatments that are neutral and long-lasting.

The first treatment (pictured below) is a blend of two manufacturers and the trim was added to bring in an accent color.

A sample window treatment from Staging Spaces and Design

This next treatment (below) is a solid panel with flannel lining that gives it the poof and weight it needs to stay situated.

Window Treatment Sample

Box Pleat Window TreatmentThis box pleat (right) is a great topper for windows if you want less of a formal look or you need the function of opening windows throughout the summer for breezes. It also frees up floor space if you need to open sliding doors. This particular box pleat utilizes two fabrics – one for the body and another for the trim and kick.

Like any of these samples? Want to explore some options for your home? Contact us today for your in-home consultation!