The tree is down,
the lights packed away,
and all that is left,
is blah, dull and gray.

Surya Rug in an Ambler home.

A “Crown Pointe” area rug by Surya in an Ambler home.

If you have a case of the post-holiday winter blues, there is nothing more uplifting than brightening your interior space!

Don’t wait until Spring to add some life to your family room – we still have three months of blustery weather ahead.

Consider Area Rugs!

Area rugs and pillows are the perfect and most cost-effective way to give your room a good lift. Don’t settle for just any area rug, either – purchase a decent one and it will last a lifetime.

We’ve all been to the discount chains like HomeGoods (yes, we love that store too!). Truth be told, you can stumble on some great quality area rugs every once in a while. But, buyer beware. A lot of the area rugs are of lesser quality and will bunch up, wear out, and not last as long as you might like. In the end, your ‘bargain’ purchase may end up being just that – a cheap quality rug at a cheap price.

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