Amazing interior decorating in Nockamixon.For some, their home is their passion. At this home near Nockamixon State Park in Quakertown, the homeowners spent the past 20 years building and reworking details to get it just right.

After much thought and consideration, the homeowners decided they needed an expert to help with furniture layout and the final touches and contacted Staging Spaces and Design.

Quakertown Interior Decorating

As we got to know the homeowners, we realized they both had their own decor preferences and the challenge was to produce a result that was pleasing to both. Important questions posed during the initial consultation plus visual examples from each helped get us on the correct path.

Quakertown living room decoratingThe layout, design, and function of the space were all equally important. Neutral tones were the emphasis alongside pops of color such as the coral and greens you see in the pictures.

The custom dining table from Harden Furniture was the highlight. The top of each table is unique and made with an unfinished edge.

The living space is meant to be comfortable and tranquil to take advantage of the spectacular view. Chairs were placed to serve a dual purpose – enjoying a conversation or a view.

The bedroom was also part of this new project – a chaise lounge, lamps, art and custom bedding were the highlights in this room. The coral & green theme was carried through the bedroom to help bring a color flow throughout the home’s open floor plan.

Whether entertaining guests or enjoying the space for themselves, the homeowners really have a unique space to enjoy.

Thinking about the best way to complete a room (or multiple rooms) in your home? Schedule a consultation today with Staging Spaces and Design!

Quakertown Decorating Photos