Dress Up Your Patio, Walkway, And Windows!

Decorate your holiday flower planters with Staging Spaces and Design.Now is the time to get your flower planters and window boxes situated for winter. On a recent project, Staging Spaces and Design worked on a collection of planters that are a great model for other applications.

Local garden centers like Rhoads Garden in North Wales have an assortment of greens to make beautiful arrangements.

To start, add fresh soil to the planters and give them water so items like branches and stems go in easier. The major keys are variety and layering the greens. A firm green such as Fraser Fir serves as a great base for items like pine, cypress, and twigs. Pinecones and berries add additional flair.

To accessorize for the holidays, colored bows, ornaments, and fruit can all work with your decor taste.

An outdoor investment during the holidays will last throughout the winter and keep your home looking colorful for the season!

Ready to have the nicest flower planters on the block this season? Contact Staging Spaces and Design to get your planters situated today!

Flower Planters and Window Box Examples