Is “budget” the dirtiest word in decorating?

Staging Spaces and Design worked on this Ambler living room project.

Effective budgeting was important in this comprehensive project.

When you work with Staging Spaces and Design, we certainly don’t think so. While talking dollars and cents isn’t the most fun part of the decorating experience, it’s an important part of the process to ensure that you, the client, get exactly what you want, for what you can afford.

During what we call the “discovery phase,” or in-home consultation, discussing your interior decorating budget is one of the many topics we cover to kickstart a project.

During this initial meeting, we spend about two hours together getting to understand your goals, desires and budget through interview questions.

This super-honest process isn’t meant to limit or discourage a client in any way – decorating on a budget is all about being smart, and understanding a client’s budget upfront helps us to do just that. That important number allows us to allocate your money wisely and begin your project in the most-informed way possible.

We work with a wide range of clients and our job is to allocate their budget effectively. Here’s how we break down a budget at Staging Spaces and Design:

In general, about 20-25 percent of a budget goes toward our decorating fee – this covers the hours spent getting to understand a client’s needs, planning and developing a design board, and researching pieces to purchase. The other 75-80 percent goes toward actually purchasing the items to fill a room as well as any additional installation fees.

For example, a recent clients had a $12,000 budget for a family room – about $2,500 went toward the design fee for approximately 20-30 hours of work. The remaining $10,000 went toward purchasing pieces for the room.

In this particular example, this client specifically wanted really nice custom furniture pieces that would hold up for many years. As a result, $7,000 was allocated for furniture – anchor pieces that would serve as the focal point of the room.

That left about $3,000 for window treatments and accessories to complete the space. Knowing that the furniture was the major investment for this project, we opted for window treatment from Restoration Hardware rather than custom treatments. Similarly, we shopped at Home Goods, a more inexpensive option for accessories, rather than other stores.

Here are just a few reasons to consider working with a professional decorating company like Staging Spaces and Designs when it comes to properly budgeting a project:

Bedroom decorating by Staging Spaces and Design.1. We know what things cost. Therefore, we’re well-equipped to manage your budget smartly.

2. We can help you make sense of your budget. Budgeting can be confusing. Once you provide the number, we’re able to educate you on how you can best spend your money to maximize your space.

3. We can guide you on where to shop. Understanding your budget gives us a roadmap for where we can shop. If your budget is large, we can spring for fabulous, more costly wallpaper or light fixtures from a high-end store. If your budget is more modest, we may do most of our shopping at Home Goods.

4. We factor in unexpected fees you may have never considered. With years of interior decorating experience, we know where to expect hidden costs that may never cross your mind like freight and installation fees. We can factor these costs into the budget initially, so we don’t go over-budget later.

5. We can recommend outside contractors. Knowing how much you have to spend on a room allows us to help you hire painters, builders, and contractors as needed who can help complete a project within your price point.

The goal of budgeting is really to maximize your possibilities – to help you get exactly what you want and provide the best possible outcome for your space, no matter your budget.

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