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Envisioning a completed project with a design board.

You wouldn’t walk into the kitchen and start cooking a new dish without ensuring you had the proper ingredients and reading the recipe first, right?

If you’re considering decorating a room in your home, think about starting an interior decorating project the same way.

At Staging Spaces and Design, all projects begin in a similar manner. After asking the important questions and learning about your wants and needs during our comprehensive in-home consultation, the information you share becomes the foundation for the creation of a well-researched and polished design board.

What Is A Design Board?

A design board is a visual tool to help clients envision exactly what their space will look like at the end of a project. To go back to that cooking analogy, a design board is a recipe for a project.

Multiple design boards by Staging Spaces and Design

Design boards and floor plans.

The design board decorating process incorporates the following elements:

  • A floor plan: After taking careful measurements, Staging Spaces provides a floor plan with multiple room layout options to help you best figure out how to take advantage of your space. For example, if our team knows you want your room to include two couches, two armchairs, a coffee table and three end tables, we map out exactly where each piece of furniture should go, based on measurements to maximize your space for comfort. The floor plan helps you to visually see where certain items might go in your finished room or inspire you to look at your space and room layout in a new way.
  • The actual design board: This simply-designed and visually-pleasing board features photos of real items (measured to fit your space) Staging Spaces recommends to give you an idea of what your finished room will look like. In the photo above, you’ll see we recommended a specific paint color, along with several items and pieces of furniture designed around that color scheme to outfit the room. The design board features everything from the room’s staple pieces–the couches and armchairs–all the way down to smaller items like throw pillows and suggested artwork and accessories. When you look at this board, you can get a very clear idea of what your space might look like at the completion of a project.
  • List of furniture and items from recommended vendors: Finally, Staging Spaces provides clients with a comprehensive list of every item included on the design board, along with dimensions, price and the location where that specific item can be purchased.

The design board, floor plan, and list all work together to provide an understanding of the project plus the tools needed to move forward in the decorating process.

A floor plan allows you to see how a room might be laid out to maximize space and comfort.

A floor plan lets you to see how a room can be arranged to maximize space and comfort.

After presenting a client with the design board, Staging Spaces offers two options to implement the board’s vision:

1. Partner Decorating

With partner decorating, you’re the star!

Clients pay a one-time fee for a consultation, laid out floor plan, design board and vendor recommendations. In this scenario, Staging Spaces provides the ideas for the room and give you the proper tools to implement them yourself.

Who this option is perfect for: Partner Decorating is a fantastic option for can-do homeowners who simply want a professional decorator to help with ideas and inspiration but want to complete the project on their own.

It’s also great for people on a tighter budget who may not be able to hire an interior decorator to complete an entire project but still want that expert advice to kick off the process. Know that when you choose partner decorating, if you like what you see on your design board, trust the visuals, and follow our step-by-step instructions, your room will look exactly as we envisioned.

However, don’t be afraid to get a little creative! A design board is simply meant to be a concept and with partner decorating, you are able to take our ideas and put your own spin on them to personalize your space.

Custom bedroom decorating in Wayne, PA

The completed project based on the design board above!

2. Custom Interior Decorating

This option is exactly as it sounds – the process is similar to partner decorating, except instead of handing the design board over to you to implement, Staging Spaces and Design manages and completes the entire process. Clients still provide input on the design board and sign off on all major decisions, but once the vision is approved, we purchase and order the furniture and accessories, coordinate with builders, contractors and painters, and install the room.

Who this option is perfect for: Custom interior decorating is great for those people who know they want a beautiful and comfortable space, but either don’t have the time or know-how to complete the project on their own. Clients still play an extremely important role in the process and provide input on the vision for the space, but after that, we encourage clients to sit back and relax while the project is completed.

No matter which option you choose, the design board plays a key role in bringing a project from a vision in your head and on a piece of paper into a beautiful reality in your home.

Want to get started with partner decorating or custom interior decorating? Schedule a consultation today!

Do you have any other questions about design boards? Have you ever used one to complete an interior design project? Add your questions and stories in the comments below!