Have you ever considered purchasing custom furniture when decorating a room in your home?

Custom Furniture by Staging Spaces and Design

Terrific custom couch, ottoman, and chairs!

Staging Spaces and Design recently worked with a lovely young couple new to the interior decorating process. They have two small children, so when they turned to us to help redecorate their family room, they knew they wanted a space that was functional and kid-friendly, but also beautiful and stylish.

As we began to discuss purchasing new furniture, I suggested the couple consider going the custom route. At first they were hesitant; the couple hadn’t realized custom furniture was even an option for them.

Perhaps you’re hesitant about custom furniture, too. After all, there’s lots of myths out there about custom furniture ranging from the cost to the creative process to the amount of time the furniture takes to order and ship.

Don’t let those myths fool you or hold you back! There are actually many compelling reasons to consider custom furniture for your next home design project. And when you work with a Philadelphia-based interior decorating company like Staging Spaces and Design, the process is seamless, streamlined, and fun!

Here are five compelling reasons to consider custom furniture:

1. Quality.

Let’s face it; it’s easy to be swayed by price. We’re enticed by low price tags, but in reality, we need to remember that you often get what you pay for. Purchasing custom furniture may be slightly more expensive, but your investment will last for years to come.

Custom furniture is made with quality materials; for example, I often recommend Harden Furniture – their slogan is “From our forest to your home” because many of the materials they use actually come from the company’s 10,000 acre woodland forest in New York.

It may seem easier to walk into a big box furniture store and select a sofa that is already complete and ready to purchase and ship, but think about it this way: would you rather buy three inexpensive, but cheaply-made sofas over five years or invest in one great piece of furniture that stands the test of time and still looks great seven years later?

2. Customization.

When you sink into your favorite arm chair to enjoy family movie night, do you prefer the seating to be firm or soft? Perhaps you didn’t even realize that this was something you had control over when selecting a piece of furniture!

When you choose to go the custom route, you quite literally are given the option to customize absolutely everything about the piece of furniture from the fill inside the cushions to the foot style. You’ll also be able to pick different arm styles, leg styles, and wood finishings. Remember: even though these pieces are meant to be hand-crafted and beautiful, they are also meant to be enjoyed and lived on, so you have the opportunity to pick something comfortable for you and your family.

3. Personalization.

Maybe you’ve gone to the furniture store multiple times and  just aren’t satisfied with their selection. Perhaps they don’t have that exact color sofa you want to match your palette or you’re not quite happy with the quality of the fabric in the pillows you’ve browsed.

If you choose to purchase custom furniture, you’re able to design the piece exactly as you want, down to every last detail, to fit your personality, lifestyle and the overall look of the room. For example, if you have children or pets, as a designer helping you select a custom sofa, I’m able to recommend specific fabrics that will work best for your personal situation to ensure your furniture lasts.

4. Uniqueness factor.

When you order custom furniture, take pride in the fact that you have something in your home that is completely original to you and your family. You’ve personally created a piece of furniture that isn’t available anywhere else. Keep in mind that even if you’re budget-conscious, you can still have unique pieces of furniture without breaking the bank.

When I worked with the couple I referenced earlier, we were able to work within their budget to customize their sofa, ottoman and three accent chairs. We outfitted the rest of the room with an area rug from Ballard Designs, window treatment from Restoration Hardware and finishing touches like accessories and paintings from HomeGoods.

5. Individualized and professional service.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices that come with custom furniture, sit back and relax. Many people are intimidated by custom furniture because they don’t know where to get started and they don’t have someone to help them. As an interior decorator with more than 10 years of experience, I have access to local showrooms filled with vignettes of room setups and rows and rows of fabrics to choose from. I’m also familiar with different manufacturers product lines and price points, making it easy to help you narrow down those important decisions to find exactly what you’re looking for.

As an added bonus, if you’re interested in supporting small businesses with products made here in the United States, ordering custom furniture is a safe bet. The two companies I highly recommend to my clients, Harden Furniture and CR Laine Furniture, are both headquartered in America and use products handcrafted by artisans locally. Both companies are also family-owned and passed down from generation to generation.

Remember: Ordering custom furniture does take slightly longer than regular furniture – around 8-12 weeks total – so plan ahead!

Ready to get started? Staging Spaces and Design is here to help! Just reach out and we’ll be happy to schedule a consultation.

Do you have custom furniture in your home? Thinking about it for a future project? Let us know in the comments below!