Paint consultation by Staging Spaces and Design.

Painting made a huge difference with this fireplace!

As a homeowner, you will never have a better chance at a fresh start than you will when moving into a new home.

With a blank canvas, you have the flexibility to go a number of directions and to set the stage for future projects.

Maple Glen Paint Consultant

The team at Staging Spaces and Design recently worked with homeowners in this exact situation in Maple Glen.

Following a paint color consultation which led to key color choices around the home, local painter LaffCo. Painting transformed the home into an entirely new space.

What Changed?

Paint Consultations by Staging Spaces and Design

Look at the revamped foyer!

New paint in the dining room, foyer, kitchen, living room, upstairs bathroom, and multiple bedrooms help set the stage for future projects.

In particular, the living room and foyer saw the biggest change. The fireplace (pictured above) was entirely repainted along with much of the foyer, including the balusters (pictured right) which went from oak to white.

The upstairs bathroom was updated as well with a new mirror, faucet, and light fixture – all from Home Depot. An oak cabinet was painted, too.

What’s Next?

Painting complete, the homeowners are already on to the next phase of the project – a custom interior design for the family room – and we’re well underway!

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Additional Project Photos from Maple Glen