Staging Spaces and Design does not recommend cookie scents to help sell your home!

Cookie scents are not recommended!

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed the concept of creating/facilitating specific aromas to help sell a home faster.

“Complex scents, even if they’re pleasant, can be a distraction because some people subconsciously dedicate time and energy to figuring out what the aroma is,” the article states.

Professor Eric Spangenberg of Washington State University expanded, “…they [potential buyers] are not there to process the smells. They are there to process whether this is a place they want to live.”

So, Does It Work?

When staging homes in the greater Philadelphia area, we believe that a well organized & staged home will sell itself. Rather than focusing on tactics that may confuse or distract some potential buyers, we recommend sellers stay focused on keeping the house clean.

If scents are a must-have for a particular seller, we recommend simple scents that help potential buyers focus on the ‘clean’ thought and feeling – Professor Spangenberg recommends lemon, basil, and pine.

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What Do You Think?

What scents do you think would be helpful if you were buying a house? Have you ever smelled something during a walkthrough you didn’t expect? Comment below!